What Is Distributed Audio?

How do you fill a room with sound? Distributed audio is the answer. When you want to add audio into the walls or ceiling of a room, you’re talking about adding distributed or whole house audio. Think for a moment about how you vision the audio to play in your space. Do you want your audio to be prominent in the foreground or ambient background noise? The type of speaker required will be different based on how you will use your audio system.

Examples of Distributed Audio

  • Single source, single zone; this is when all the speakers are controlled by one device. The outcome is all speakers have the same volume control and audio output.
  • Single source, multiple zone; allows for volume control of speakers per designated area but will stream audio from a single device.
  • Multiple source, multiple zone; is the most complex option allowing for each individual zone to be controlled by individual devices.

Paradigm Distributed Audio CIHomeH65-R

Paradigm Distributed Audio CIHomeH65-R

Choosing an Amplifier

Speakers will distribute the sound, but getting the right amplifier for the job is essential. If you have questions about what type of amplifier you will need to complete your project, give us a call! 406-373-8395