The Smart Home to Keep You Warm

October is the start of the summer heat taking a turn towards the biting cold of winter. On this month, last year the temperatures in Billings dropped from the September highs of 81 degrees to a cool 67 degrees. By the time November rolls around, the only numbers on the rise will be the ones on your heating bill.

As we shift our focus from watering our lawns to winterizing our sprinkler systems. There are many things to remember to do before mother nature graces us with the presence of winter. As Montanans, we know the drill quite well, but with a steady routine in place it is easy to overlook simple changes that can make a big impact on your home and wallet.

Transitioning to a Smart Home

Just like the changes of the season, when adjusting to new technology for your home you can expect a period of acclimation. If you are hesitant to make big changes, we highly recommend beginning your journey with a smart thermostat. Its ability to save

A smart thermostat can reduce up to 10-15% of your homes energy consumption.

on the heating bill makes the initial investment especially valuable during winter months. When space heating can account for up to 80% of a home’s annual energy usage. (Source: Z-Wave Products, Northwestern Energy)

Shut it Off AFTER You Leave

While you may have built the habit to adjust your thermostat while going away for the day, other members of your household may not always remember to do the same. With a smart thermostat, you can login to your home from a remote location. Simply adjust the temperature from wherever you are so that forgetfulness is no longer a factor in your heating bill.

Don’t Heat the Outdoors…

Smart home devices such as window sensors can send a mobile alert when a window is left open. Allowing you to communicate with your smart thermostat to shut off the air conditioning, even when you are away from home. When you start with the devices that cut costs, you can reinvest into other money saving home devices.

Looking further into the winter months where decorating with lights is common practice, consider placing lights on a timer. With the right devices, you can even control holiday lights from an app on your phone. The best part about having a smart home around the holidays is spending less time and money micro-managing settings or shutting off lights and more spent where it counts. With family.

Tip: Switch your thermostat to your preprogrammed “At Home” setting 30 mins before you leave work.

Stay warm this winter