Streaming Music Wirelessly

One of the best parts of having distributed home audio is having the ability to control your playlist from any smart device. Mobile, tablet or desktop. You can connect multiple rooms to a single device and control your entire home audio from a single phone. Or customize your experience from room to room and connect separate devices as the control. We are going to walk you through our favorite wireless technology, Paradigm’s Wireless Series.

Paradigm PW AmplifierParadigm Premium Wireless Amplifier

This device communicates using your home’s wireless network and the most innovative streaming technology available. A single wireless amplifier can control a pair of speakers. The difference is clearly audible, with a wider dynamic range, crisp details and bigger bass response. Achieving surprisingly bold wireless sound reproduction.

DTS Play-Fi Technology

Streaming tech that supports a host of high quality file formats and delivers better than CD quality sound. You can stream your favorite sources of music from Spotify, Pandora, Amazon music, to many more.

Play Home Audio From Streaming SourcesAudio Streaming Sourceswireless