Smart Locks & Parenthood: A Match Made in Heaven

By Anna Rogers

As a parent in this tech-saturated world we live in, you might feel like you’re constantly battling against technology. Regulating screen time, looking out for social media bullying, and protecting kids from online predators can feel like a full-time job. Isn’t it time technology helped you out as a parent?

Parents – look no further than smart locks for your home!

Smart locks give full parental knowledge of all comings & goings at home (with remote control). Smart locks make it easy to see who has access to your home, and when. While parents are away from home, they can receive instant text notifications of an event. Parents can also set temporary access codes to be used and deleted whenever the homeowner sees fit, giving the ability to even set up a code for a service provider only during the hours that kids are at school. Some smart locks even feature built-in doorbell cameras for added safety and knowledge of who is accessing your home.

Easily unlock and re-lock the door for a relative or friend who needs to swing by the house for something, all from your smart phone!

When back at home and ready to turn in for the night, parents can ensure the house is completely locked up at all access points from the comfort of bed. If the smart lock is also integrated with a home automation system, parents can even set up a scenario of doors locked, lights out, and alarm set.

Smart locks keep your kids out of unsafe or off-limits areas in the house. Smart locks aren’t just for doors that serve as an entryway to your home. Parents can also use smart locks within the home to limit kids’ access to dangerous areas – like a wine cellar, bar, gun closet, or pool shed with harmful chemicals. Use a smart lock for added privacy in certain areas of the home as well, like a home office or grandparent apartment.

 With smart locks, kids don’t need to keep up with a physical key.  Gone are the days of kids being locked out of the house after school or needing a hide-a-key in the yard. In addition, parents never have to worry about the key falling into the wrong hands. With smart locks, all the child needs to remember is a simple access code, and each member of the family can have their own code. Once the child enters the home with their specific access code, mom or dad know they’ve arrived safely.

 Smart locks are convenient, and if there’s anything all parents are short on, it’s time. Save time by integrating smart locks with a connected hub for home automation and set up scenarios to be triggered by smart lock events. For example, parents can program their home automation system to turn lights on, kick the heat on, and raise the shades in the home in the case of a smart lock event, like a teen coming home from school.

Smart locks are a convenient, simple piece of technology that can work for you as a parent instead of against you. Easy to program and control, smart locks are a no-brainer for parents!

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