Central Vacuum

Over the years, central vacuum systems have “sucked” plenty of attention toward a revolution in cleaning. The latest Central Vacuum systems from Comtech feature cutting-edge noise reduction, cyclonic technology, high-tech “smart” options, increased convenience, better performance, improved indoor air quality, and longer motor life. Central Vaccuums are a clean, efficient, allergen-reducing way to clean your home.

Contrary to popular belief,

You do not need to be in the process of building a new home to install a Central Vac.

With a professional installer like Comtech, a Central Vacuum may be installed in eith a new or an existing home. Even better… while the quality of Central Vacs continues to increase, they have also have become more affordable in price.

Longer Motor Life

Allergen Reducing

Improved Air Quality

Noise Reduction Technology

A Central Vacuum is lighter than most traditional deep cleaning vacuums. The hose reaches farther and the dirt completely exits the room to a large canister that needs to be emptied 3x less often. Central Vacuums work on all surfaces and suck up dust, hair and debris well from hard floors too. Vacpans are also handy for sweeping crumbs from your hard floors into the vacpan and out of sight.

Helpful Attachments

In addition to offering a cleaner-clean and more suction… Central Vacuums offer a large variety of helpful attachments you won’t find on most traditional handheld vacuums. You have plenty of bare-floor, various shaped attachments, pet grooming, dust mops and  air-powered brushes to choose from.

If you’re wondering whether a Central Vacuum System is right for you… call Comtech 406-373-8395 and we are happy to answer your questions and offer a free site visit and quote.

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Read about commonly asked questions regarding central vacuum installation in Billings, MT. Learn about what you can expect and need to know before choosing a central vacuum system for your own home.

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So many new and quick ways to clean! If you love your Central Vacuum- you will want to know about amazing products like SPOT, VROOM and Pet Grooming Attachments.  SPOT is especially helpful in laundry, mudroom and garage areas for a speedy sweep up of dirt, lint, hair and crumbs. Pet hair and grooming attachments for your furry friends equals more friend and less furrrrr! And VROOM under a cabinet or in the garage area for vehicles as a stand-alone vac to get to places where vaccum plumbing is not installed.

Customers will tell you- once you’ve had a Central Vacuum you will never want to drag around a traditional vacuum again! It is truly one of the best and most well-loved ‘gadgets’ Comtech sells. Take the hassle out of removing dirt and debris from every corner of your home. Simply pull your hose from the wall or attach your stand-alone hose and turn on suction with the switch of a button. Dirt gets out of sight and stays there! A cleaner, brighter and more beautiful home with less maintenance and better air-quality throughout.

What Does A Central Vacuum System Cost?

The price of installing central vac varies based on the system you choose. We work with brands such as Dirt Devil and Vroom. A central vac system is an investment in your home and lifestyle. The efficiency of a central vac can make it a smart choice as a long term investment. Having a central vacuum can also increase the value of your home. If you have questions about if a central vacuum system fits into your budget, give us a call!

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