Our Process

Do you have a project in mind for your home or business? Working with Comtech to design the custom solution for your home audio, theater or security, is an enjoyable experience from start to finish. Find out how to get started…

Step 1 – Give Us a Call

Whether you are ready to begin work or just conceptualizing your plans, call Comtech to speak with a system designer. If you like, our designer will meet with you at your project location to discuss the details.

Step 2 – Get a FREE Quote

Meet with us for a free project quote. Our system designer will walk you through the products and logistics of your project; afterwards you will receive an estimate that you can look over, ask questions, and then give the seal of approval to move forward.

Step 3 – Make an Appointment

Speak with our office manager to setup an appointment to dispatch technicians to install your equipment. A down payment for parts is required, and please acknowledge shipping times for those parts.

Step 4 – Installation & Training

Our licensed technicians will install and service all of your equipment at your residence or business.

You will then receive special one-on-one training where you can learn and ask questions about how to operate your equipment. This will either be done on the spot with the technician or by another appointment with your system designer.

CALL US TODAY 406-373-8395

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