National Account Contractor

It can be difficult to find a contractor to serve your clients in our remote region. Don’t let your client calls go unanswered! We provide an array of services and will professionally represent your business. Contact us today to set up your accounts for our region.


  • Our service area is vast; we service all of Montana, Northern Wyoming, North and South Dakota.
  • We service sparsely populated rural areas where typically no contractors are available otherwise.
  • Our staff is fully trained and are available around the clock.
  • CEDIA and NICET certified.
  • No business is too small or big – we handle calls for small business and corporations alike.
  • We have lots of experience working with national accounts; we understand the processes.
  • Hourly rate discounts are given for our national account clients.
  • We represent your company in a professional and timely manner.


  • Access Control Install
  • Airlock Install
  • Fire System Install and Inspections
  • Security and Camera System Install
  • Service Calls
  • Fire Alarm Install and Inspections
  • System Maintenance and Servicing
  • Fire System Servicing
  • Security System Servicing
  • Automation System Servicing
  • Security System Service Calls
  • Fire Alarm System Service Calls


  • On-Site Service Calls
  • Troubleshooting and Repair of Equipment
  • Equipment Installation
  • On-Site Service Calls
  • Installation of Service Equipment
  • On-Site Service Calls


  • Site Survey
  • Future Work Pending
  • Temp Power Poles
  • Service Encoder
  • Cable Check
  • Security System Servicing


  • Fire Installation and Inspection
  • Security System Installation and Inspection
  • Commercial Fire Alarm System


  • Servicing of Fire System
  • Installation of EAS Systems
  • Camera Installation
  • Security System Installation
  • Data and Networking Setup
  • Building Prewire
  • On-Site Service Calls
  • Prewire of Building
  • Security System Installation
  • On-Site Service Calls

adt security

Comtech is ADT’s choice subcontrator for eastern Montana and Northern Wyoming. As and ADT subcontrator, Comtech represents ADT for service and installs on wired and wireless systems and smart home applications. Projects range from 10-20 per month.


  • Installation of Cell Phone Booster
  • Security and Monitoring Installation
  • System Inspection
  • Fire Inspection
  • On-Site Service Calls