How to Compare Security Providers

We at Comtech care about the quality of service we provide for our customers. While our competition may have appealing offers, we want to provide you with information to help you make informed decisions about what those offers actually mean.

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Free Equipment

It is possible to cut costs by offering Loaner Equipment. A common example of this is an advertised FREE security panel. If you are offered “free” equipment, check to see who owns it.

Many times the security company making the offer will be the owner of your device. This means that after completion of a lengthy and expensive contract, you will have to return the equipment to the company, or pay an unexpected bill to purchase the device. If you wind up with an unused piece of equipment, only parts of this can be reused by another security company. Be aware of this so that you don’t end up paying for the same equipment twice!

Fine Print & Contracts

Door knocker security system companies will lock you into a 3-5 year contract. It may not be mentioned up front, so be sure to read through the contract terms and especially any fine print. Signing a long term contract is not a bad idea, but life is often unpredictable. Make it a concious decision to enter into a long term agreement with your security provider. Be aware that there are companies who do offer flexible contract options, such as month-to-month. Once you have signed the contract, it is too late to negotiate. They will hold you accountable for the entire contract and require you to pay the length of the contract in full.

Local Support

These companies are seasonal; once the winter comes they leave town to focus on another area leaving you in the dust if you have any technical difficulties. There are no local offices so if you have any problems you will not be able to have any on-site support. They come through during the warm summer months then take off to another region once the seasons change.

How to Check for Negative Reviews

It’s easy to find out what others have experienced with the company you are considering. You can use the Better Business Bureau profiles to hear reviews and more importantly complaints between existing customers. Know what to expect from the company you are going to be working with.

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Compare Us to Our Competitors

We encourage you to research any company you consider working with. Below you will find an info-graphic to help you determine what services are offered and by which companies. See which are of highest importance to you.

Comtech compared to Kenco and Vivant