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4 Things You Never Knew Your SkyBell Could Do


4 Things You Never Knew Your SkyBell Could Do Smart home features like the SkyBell video doorbell camera have been making homeowners feel more aware of the activity around the entry points of their home. [...]

Adorne Outlets & Switches


4 Beautiful Outlets & Light Switches When it comes to home decor, the details matter. It is easy to give an old room fresh life with the switch of a new sofa cushion [...]

What Is Home Automation?


What Is Home Automation? Essentially, automation is the use of computers or devices (tablets and phones) to control basic home functions such as controlling lights, locks, window shades, thermostats, sprinklers, and security systems. An [...]

Connected Home Devices


Connected Home Devices Today there are so many ways to connect to your home. We want to share our 3 favorite devices with you. Video Camera Doorbell A doorbell and [...]