Artificial Intelligence for Smart Homes

by Anna Rogers

Home automation, thermostat, door locks, garage door, alarm system

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is no longer a thing of the future or even a technology only for the world’s most advanced companies and militaries. AI is for the average consumer and is available right at your front door – literally.


Many of us are familiar with AI voice assistant platforms like Amazon Echo or Google Home. They add ease to smart home routines and an added layer of security through voice recognition. These voice assistants learn as they go, remembering your preferences and offering suggestions based on what they know about your needs. Yet these technologies lack a conversational intuitiveness.


Smart home tech developments are moving beyond voice recognition and into the realm of video analytics solutions. At CES 2019, an annual trade show known as “The Global Stage for Innovation,” Nortek Security and Control (NSC) revealed its new ELAN Facial Recognition systems that utilize deep-learning AI technology.


NSC Senior Marketing Director Bill Hensley says that these technologies will “empower users to go beyond the smart home experience that they’re used to.” Using facial recognition, the systems are virtually “interface-less,” with no need to push buttons or swipe.


The ELAN Intelligent Touch Panel offer personalization and interfaces with voice assistants. Facial recognition technology identifies you as you approach, enabling the system to set your preferred options for your home, like lighting, temperature, and music. Arrive home, exhausted or with hands full, and step into a home setting that is just what you want it to be.


Working with the ELAN Intelligent Video Doorbell and surveillance cameras, the system uses video analytics to offer high-level security without false alerts. The video analytics can efficiently differentiate between a person approaching your home and a passing car, dog, or swaying trees. This eliminates false alerts for objects that don’t pose a real threat. Without false alerts, users are more likely to keep their security alerts enabled, keeping them up-to-date on their home and enhancing safety.


The intelligent doorbell also enables users to answer the door either from in the home or remotely. The panel has intercom functionality that links to any connected device, given access to this AI system right at your fingertips.


Set-up and registration for the system is simple. The panel’s built-in camera registers the face and allows quick set-up of scene preferences. This centralized system offers ease of use and connects with your desired mobile devices.


The ELAN system is one of the first of many AI platforms that will make smart homes even smarter, putting deep-learning intelligence into the consumers’ hands.


What does this mean for the future of smart homes and home security systems? Artificial intelligence means intuitive systems that are even more secure than their predecessors. Consumers will enjoy added personalized convenience and effective results, all with top-notch security. Use this technology the way you want to make your home truly yours.