How-To Change a User Passcode on your Alarm System

You never know when you will need to change the code for your home alarm system. It can come in handy to know, especially when granting access to your home to a temporary house guest, cleaner, or with young children. Have you ever found out that your children’s friends know the alarm code to your house?

Learn how to use your home security alarm system with our simple series of How-To Videos. In our first home security video, Dave will show you the process of changing a user access code. It can be changed easily! Scroll down to view a written step-by-step process where we highlight each step so that you don’t miss any key points.


  1. Press 9
  2. Enter the user code you wish to change
  3. Press the down arrow button until you reach “User Codes”
  4. Press “#” to select
  5. Use the down button to cycle through options, reach “Regular User Codes”
  6. Press “#” to select
  7. Screen will display User 000
  8. Scroll with the down arrow button until you reach the user we are changing the code for.
  9. Press “#” to select
  10. Enter a new 4-digit code
  11. Press “#”
  12. We are finished entering the new code and must return to the main settings screen. Press star once to back up”*” and star “*” once more.
  13. Use the down arrow to change the option until it says “Exit programming”
  14. Press “#” to confirm

Test Your Work

Test your code by arming your system.

  1. Hit the away button
  2. Enter your new code

If the system arms you have successfully completed your passcode change. Disarm after the test if necessary.

interlogix concord 4

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